Hello Everyone!

Patch 1.01 will be available on Steam, PlayStation4 & the Oculus store on September 14. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and suggestions, all comments are welcomed!

Safe Driving!

The Ratloop Games Canada Team


Main Highlights



  • New and improved tutorial

  • Added new training missions and objectives

  • Added contextual hint pop-ups throughout the majority of the game menu

  • Added Online Leaderboards on PS4

  • User interface improvements

Gameplay & Controls

  • Game is fully playable from cockpit view (supports both VR and flatscreen)

  • You can now steer your vehicle using the keyboard as well as the mouse (A & D)

  • Vehicles will no longer try to align themselves to a lane while the player is steering

  • Improved readability of lane select feedback

  • Increased stability of ram special ability

AI Improvements

  • Vehicles have a 1 second immunity after spawn

  • Projectiles have improved collision detection

  • When deselecting a vehicle, added a delay before AI driving takes control

  • Collectable mines no longer damage vehicles, only static objects

  • Improved AI aiming. They now have less accuracy, particuarly at further distances


  • Damage FX now start correctly (smoke/fire) when a vehicle is in close proximity

  • Increased size of loading screen text for improved readability

  • Avatar eyes now move correctly in the avatar customization screen

  • Re-arranged some buttons in the deckbuilder screen for improved clarity

  • Disabled lane fx sounds when spawning a unit using a gamepad